Friday, January 11, 2008


On our way to drop the kids off this morning listening to KLOVE when an advertisement for the new Veggie Tales movie The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything came on.

The boys were so excited about a whole movie about the Pirates who don't do anything!

I'm thinking we might make a family adventure of this movie when it comes to one of the theaters in our area. So far, it's not in any of the close and cheaper theaters.

It should be an adventure that I'm sure will be blogged about!


Jessica said...

We are planning on going tomorrow to a matinee with Jake. It will be his first theater movie! So fun! :)

CresceNet said...
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Deanna said...

We'll probably take the girls to see it sometime, too.

We took them to see Bee Movie at Danbarry this weekend. We'd heard it didn't get great reviews but we really liked it. It was a fun afternoon---until we got home and because she'd had too much fruit punch to drink during the movie, Char puked all over me and the couch.

Happy times, huh? :)

Janelle said...

Oh, that's nasty!