Monday, February 04, 2008


I went upstairs just a few minutes after 1o to get ready for bed.

As I rounded the turn in the staircase, I could see the door to Eli & Noah's room. The door was shut but the light was on.

I immediately started to get upset, wondering who is up, what are they doing, why are they up, and thinking of how hard the morning is going to be if they are still awake at 10.

I quietly go to the door to see if I can catch the hooligan in the act. As I peek my head in, I see Eli sound asleep in his bed. Good, I think, that way he'll get up better in the morning. Must be Noah.

I look at Noah's bed, he's sound asleep too. What the....? Then I hear a sound. What sound you ask? The sound of a two year old walking from his room back into the big boy's room.

Simon was still up. He had apparently climbed on Eli's bed and turned on their light (without waking Eli), since he can't reach the switch in his room now that he's in his real bed. Apparently he had some things to do and needed light.

A few weeks ago we had trouble with Simon staying in bed after we put him to bed, he kept coming downstairs to find us. Then he'd just come downstairs and not find us, and now apparently he's just staying upstairs, but still not sleeping.

I'm thinking he's going to be hard to wake up in the morning too, but he popped out of bed about 15 minutes before I normally get him up. He is so much like his Daddy! Tim doesn't require much sleep. Unlike me, and Eli who at 5 1/2 still naps several times a week, and Noah at almost 4, who takes longer naps than Simon.

Even Tim's not sure he wants a short sleeper like him, but I think we've got one!


Deanna said...

Wow, he's pretty slick to get that light turned on without waking Eli!! What a sly fox you have on your hands. It sounds like your challenges are just beginning. :)

Jessica said...

We are also having some issues with Jake staying in his room and his bed. I put the baby gate up in the doorway of his room, so at least he can't leave (unless he shakes it until it falls down, which has happened), but now he just sits up and plays. He can reach the light on his bed and loves to turn it on and off. Good luck with Simon!