Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Boys and Their Toys!

This is what happens at our house, we eat dinner and then no one wants to be troubled with clearing off the dishes or cleaning up the kitchen, because look at what came in the mail. A Northern Equipment catalog.

At first Tim thinks it's funny and likes that he's surrounded by his boys, but then it's not so funny because they want to look at different things than he does and there's some "discussion" about when to turn a page.

And what do I do? I sneak and grab the camera, laugh and then say to Tim, "Just think, in another year there'll be another one clamoring to get up on you lap to be a part of it too!"


Deanna said...

Look at that proud Papa and his boys!! Next year you'll need a wide-angle lens to get them all in!!! :)

Shelley said...

Hi there! I popped over from BooMama's blog, because I thought you were a different Janelle, that's also pregnant! Anyway, I read a few of your posts, and thought they were cute. Your boys are adorable!

Junction said...

Thanks for being a fan of Northern Tool...we love the pic of all the boys checking out our catalog!