Friday, February 15, 2008

People in my town

I usually only write about my kids, but this memory keeps revisiting me so I thought I'd share.

One day in the last couple of weeks when we had a warm day I was on my way home at lunch to get Eli off the bus and I noticed an older lady walking on the sidewalk. She didn't have a jacket on, just a sweatshirt, but looked like she was enjoying the weather. It somehow made me happy to see her out enjoying it.

As she was walking along she noticed an empty water bottle in the street next to the curb, so she stooped down and picked it up, and I thought, well good for her! Way to make our town a better and cleaner place!

Then in the next step she flung it from her hand, over the other side of the sidewalk and over the guardrail so it would roll down the hill into the river.

I was shocked and then just laughed and laughed. Our city is somewhat affectionately known as the "armpit" of our county-and there's just one more reason why.

Now, everyday when I go home, as I drive by that spot I can't help but laugh when I think of the old white haired lady chucking the trash down to the river.

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Deanna said...

Nice. Really nice. That's classic!