Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I've been a little lax about posting lately, not because I don't have things to post about, but because I can't seem to remember them long enough to get them down. I guess that's how it goes when you work full time with 3 kids and are 36 weeks pregnant! Not to worry, soon I'll be home for 12 weeks eating bon bon's all day and napping. Or not!

I do have one little snip-it of our life to share.

Simon has started acting like he's scared of the dark. I don't know if he really is or if he's picked it up from one of the other boys or a video or what. We usually sit on Noah's bed for a bedtime story, then I tuck in Eli and Noah and we head to the nursery to rock for a couple minutes before putting Simon in bed.

A few days ago I turned off the boys light, and it was completely dark. Simon stopped right where he was, whimpered, and said, "Scared!"

I just blew if off and scooped him up to rock. The next day or so we were in the nursery and I turned off the light and he said it again as he was trying to find his way in the dark to the rocker, "Scared, scared!"

I got him up on my lap and he wanted the blanket up over his head. I decided we needed to discuss the scared business so as we rocked in the dark and our eyes got used to it, I explained we didn't have anything to be scared of. It was our house, we knew where the bed, bathroom, door, and rocking chair were even when it was dark. He started to poke his head out and relax.

Then last night when I turned off the light he acted like he was going to be scared again, so I kept talking so he would know I was still there and wouldn't be scared. He climbed up on my lap with both Grinch and Sam-I-Am (and I'm telling you there's barely room for him at this point) and said "Blanket!" I told him I was getting it, but it takes a minute to get all snuggled in. Then as I'm covering him up he says, "Not being scared." I said, "That's right, we know where everything is, we don't need to be scared."

Our little talk seemed to work, but we'll have it many more times before he's grown up, that I'm sure of!


Deanna said...

I love his little voice! I can just imagine him saying, "Scared." Oooh, what a cutie!!!!!!

You're a great Mommy!

Jessica said...

How precious! What a sweet memory!

Anonymous said...

Marvelous Mom at work! Simon's so smart that he shall not be scared for he knows how Mom's taught him not to be scared.