Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Valentine's Day

I forgot to post about Valentine's Day. See, my mind is going!

I was planning on making steaks for Tim with real mashed potatoes (we use instant a lot at our house) and brownies (a mix). Nothing great, but something nice for a weeknight.

However when I got home, Tim was already home so that was going to make my surprise nice dinner a little harder to pull off.

As I walked in the door, I could smell good smells coming from the kitchen--he was making me dinner! I went in the kitchen and started helping clean up the kitchen, wash the table, set the table, that kind of thing.

It turns out, in the morning he went through the Quick Cooking magazines we have and picked out some things to make for dinner. Then he looked to see what he needed and went to the grocery to pick up the extra things. He was using chicken, and we had some in the freezer, but he didn't pull it out because he knew I'd be home with Eli at lunch and he didn't want me to suspect his plans--how fun is that?

He made some kind of zuchinni casserole and a chicken quishe dish along with fancy brownies (with a cream cheese and peanut butter filling) from scratch.

What a sweet man! The boys each found something they liked, not their favorite meal overall, but Tim kept telling them he didn't make the dinner for them, he did it for me. He does a good job of making sure the boys know that he loves me and wants to do nice things for me. He's a really good example for them, which is wonderful, and so is not having to cook every once in a while! He's a good cook too!


Deanna said...

Love that man!! He's a keeper for SURE!

Jessica said...

How sweet and romantic! I love that he is setting a good example for the boys!