Wednesday, February 27, 2008


In the car there was a theology lesson going on in the back seat, and I just listened. I love to hear what the boys think, and where we need to work on some more teachings.

Noah: Well, I know that God and Jesus are up in heaven.

Eli: Actually, Jesus is hooked onto God, they're together.

That's not a bad way to think of the trinity, now is it?

Along those same lines I was rocking Simon in the dark and he was fiddling with my necklace and says, "Cross."

As I go to feel for it I say, "Yes, you're playing with my cross." But it's not there. I start to panic-did it fall off? I feel around the chain and find it snagged on the clasp up by my neck. I pulled it back down in front and Simon took it from me to feel and says contentedly, "Cross."

That cross has been a comfort item for all of my boys, it's there everyday without fail. Tim and I got matching cross pendants for our gold necklaces as a wedding gift to each other and I wear it just like I wear my wedding ring-always. As does he, so no matter what parent they're with, they can feel the smooth cross, and know of God's love for them and our love and commitment for each other.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Safe and Secure are the sons.

Deanna said...

This makes me want to get a new chain for my cross. The chain broke and I've been too lazy and/or cheap to buy a new one. I miss it so and this makes me want to run out right now and get a new one. :)

Thanks for the inspiration.