Sunday, March 30, 2008

He's Here!

Well, he finally made it! We now have four boys!

Spoiler: This is a quick version of his birth story, so if that grosses you out, skip down to the pictures!

I started having contrations 10-12 minutes apart on Wednesday, all day long and the same on Thursday. They weren't real strong, but were pretty consistent. We went to the hospital on Thursday at 4:15 pm and my midwife checked me, and I was 5 cm dilated, so she went ahead and broke the water. She had a hard time breaking the water-she said it was a "tough bag" so maybe that's what was holding things up.

Once she started to break the water, she laughed and said he was pushing her hands away. She stopped trying to break the water, had me change positions, had the nurse massage my belly and after a couple minutes, went ahead and broke the water. She was worried that if she broke the water and it came out in a gush that his hands would come out first. He really did have his hands up by his head pushing her hands away so she got him moved around to where his hands weren't up by his head anymore. Disaster averted!

From there the contractions got a little stonger and closer together. Tim and I did lots of walking, ate dinner, watched Shrek III, walked some more, and then got in the jacuzzi tub about 11 pm on Thursday.

By 12:30 am I was in pretty hard labor. I was also having some back labor which I have never experienced before-turns out-not fun! A little after one they checked me again, and I was at 10 cm but there was a "lip" on my cervix so they wouldn't let me push. Let me tell you, when they are pushing contractions, but you can't push, that is horrible!

Then about 1:50 am my midwife had me push half way through a contraction while she pushed the "lip" down to see if that would make it go away, and sure enough it did. I almost had his head out with that push, but ran out of contraction. With the next contraction I pushed out his head, and with the next one it took me three full pushes to get his shoulders out. He must have the biggest shoulders of all of the boys I've had, because I've never had trouble like that before, usually the head is the hard part.

So at exactly 2:00 am on Friday, March 28, 2008 Jesse Cameron was born!

They put him up on my belly, and I was so relieved it was over and he was fine. I mentioned that Tim had never cut the cord for the other boys and this was his last chance, so my midwife made Tim do it this time. Jesse got mad when they tried to cut the cord-Tim just laughed saying he was a Mama's boy! However, I just laughed watching Tim's face as he cut the cord, he was not very excited about it.

They weighed him, 8 pounds, 9.8 ounces! Our biggest! He is 21 inches long with dark hair. So far he seems to be very good natured, which I'm thankful for. He's nursing like a champ and sleeping pretty good.

Me & Jesse, about 2:30am.

The expanded family, Friday morning:

The boys:
Jesse Cameron, today after church:
What a cutie!!!


Deanna said...

He's definitely a cutie! What a wonderful story you'll have to tell him and a beautiful memory of your last delivery!

I can't wait to see how his personality develops--and if he'll turn out to be a blondie or a darkie! :)


Jessica said...

Yay, Jesse is adorable. Now admit it, did you name him after me? :) HA! HA!!!

I'm glad the labor was good, well, except the back labor! Enjoy the little one!

Anonymous said...

The birth of a healthy son is truly miraculous, and a gift I do not take for granted! This being your fourth miraculous son is great! Congratulations!