Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Jesse weight update

Jesse's discharge weight from the hospital was 8lbs, 2.6oz. That seemed like a pretty big drop in weight to me (birth was 8lbs 9.8oz), but the nurses never mentioned what the other boys' discharge weight was, so maybe they all lost that much, I don't know. We also stayed the longest with Jesse-we checked out 31 hours after he was born. It was just the timing of it since he was born in the night and they didn't schedule some tests until Saturday morning. Obviously the PKU that he had to be at least 24 hours old for, hearing test and then they tested his blood for his biliruben (I have no idea how that is spelled) levels.

Anyway, we had a home care nurse come last night to check our vitals, etc. We stripped Jesse down and she weighed him and he was 8lbs 14oz so I think he's doing just fine!!

I apologize to my mother-in-law, she was hoping he wouldn't get so big so fast as the other boys did so she could carry him around longer, but apparently I make some high quality milk that just packs on the weight!


Jessica said...

I'm glad Jesse is doing so well. How is mommy doing?

Deanna said...

Grow, Jesse, grow!!! Love that liquid gold!!