Friday, April 25, 2008

Noah's 4!

Noah is such an interesting little boy. And so funny, he's like his dad that way.

We were in the car the other day and he says, somewhat out of the blue, "Sometimes you're the greatest mom." Just sometimes? But really he's right. Sometimes I'm a great mom and other times, not at all. Hit the nail on the head with that one. He gets that directness from me, we're working to keep it in check to not hurt people's feelings.

Earlier this week the downstairs bathroom had apparently been clogged, it was before Noah got in there but the the plunger was upstairs and I hadn't had a chance to get it fixed yet when Noah went in to go to the bathroom. After he went he flushed and it did one of the oh no, could it get any higher without going over the rim and onto the floor deals, which kind of freaked Noah out. I sent him out to play and got the plunger and plunged. When he came back in I told him I had fixed it and he went in to check it out. Then he said, "That's totally awesome Mom!"

Here's one of his birthday pictures. He had the specific poses he wanted with his gun and he wanted to be "serious" for the pictures but eventually I talked him into doing some "smilely" ones too.


Jessica said...

Happy Birthday Noah. A true Davy Crockett, isn't he?

Deanna said...

King of his wild frontier, eh? :)

Happy Birthday, Noah!!!