Sunday, April 20, 2008


Jesse was not cooperating with me very well the other morning so I was up pacing the floor with him so Tim could sleep until he needed to get up.

Then the whole house rumbled for a few seconds, quit, and rumbled again. I was wondering what it could be and then I remembered whenever the house does that I'm always at a loss as to what it is and then Tim always says, "They're blasting at the stone quarry." We live close enough to a stone quarry that when they blast with dynamite we can feel it. I did think it was odd they were blasting before it was really very light, but then again, I don't know much about the quarry business and I was dealing with a crying newborn.

However, after watching the news, it was an earthquake. Which made more sense than them blasting before 6 a.m. It really was just a small rumble so we laughed at the people on the local news trying to show "damage" from the earthquake. One had a crack that had been patched once already and they were showing that as earthquake damage, we just laughed and then got to talking about how many earthquakes our house has been through and how many more it would go through.


Jessica said...

We didn't feel it, but people around us said they did. I don't know if I believe them or not. My parents, who are 90 miles closer to the center of the earthquake said they felt it.

Deanna said...

The other moms in my church playgroup said they felt it but I'm happy to report that in a rare moment of normalcy, I was actually sleeping at the time and didn't hear it.

I hope Jesse does better for you!!