Thursday, April 10, 2008


I've had the same cell phone since Eli was born. I've never had any trouble with it so I've just kept it. When I got that phone they had just come out with "flip" phones and that's what I really wanted, but it wasn't free, and we are all about the free phones, so Tim got me this one: (Obviously, the one on the left) Just this past week Tim went and got himself a new phone (somehow he never gets the free ones-some crap about how he uses his a lot, it needs to be a good one, blah, blah, blah, and $100 dollars later he has a cool phone and I still have my 5 year old phone). This time he decided to upgrade me too. Which was good since after a 15 minute phone call it would need to be charged again. So he got me the phone on the right above. It is a flip phone, but no bells or whistles. No camera, etc. However I feel as though I'm in the lap of luxury with a color screen and cool sounds. I told Tim my old phone is like a computer with a green screen running on DOS. I may only be on Windows 95, but man what an improvement!

I was sitting on the couch setting up my phone with what I wanted, the ringer, screensaver, all that kind of stuff. It is really fun to get a new phone! Then Jesse pooped and I got up to change him. When I moved I apparently knocked the new phone off the couch, and into a nice cup of hot tea that Tim had just made for me. "Oh, sh**!" as I grabbed the phone out of the tea. Tim jumped up and took it from me. As I changed Jesse he took the battery out and wiped everything off so it could dry out.

So my five year old phone had never been dropped in water and still worked, and now my 5 hour old phone had been dropped in hot tea and wasn't working. Great! We let it dry out for two days and there was still water behind the screen so Tim took it back to the store to see what they could do. They told Tim he was smart for not turning it on and told him how to clean it.

We let it dry for another day and then Tim took it apart to clean it. He got it all taken apart and cleaned and then for the moment of truth. He had to turn it on.

It came right on, but the screen had been compromised. You can still see it, but it's not good. However, I'm not going to buy a phone, so I'll deal with it, I don't use it that much. But I don't think I'll wait 5 years to replace it.

Then Tim looked through everything and it seemed fine. Next he made a call. He called his phone, so I look at him and he has one phone up to each ear and he starts talking. Presumably to make sure the speaker and everything works. Except he carries on a conversation with himself. I started laughing, and he kept going and then I said, "You realize this is going on the blog, right?" I think that just egged him on!

"Oh, Hi"
"How you doing, Hottie?"
"I'm good, how are you sexy?"
"Good! I've been waiting for your call."
"I bet! You've been missing me, haven't you?"
I'm pretty sure he's just not right!


Jessica said...

How funny! Great sense of humor!

Deanna said...

He's not right--you're correct!