Saturday, May 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Eli!

Today is Eli's birthday, it's hard to believe he's 6 already. In some ways it's gone really fast and yet not. I can remember so many difficult stages that I'm glad we've made it through. Nursing every two hours for an hour, potty training, getting dressed by himself, tying shoes, learning first time obedience (we still work on that) but all in all he's a joy!

Eli is a really great little boy. He's sweet, smart, generous and has a gentle spirit. His personality is really being tested now that he's in school and will be even more so next year when he goes all day. So far he's doing well, but has picked up some interesting habits (burping) but has still maintained his sweet disposition.

Happy Birthday Laddie!


Jessica said...

Happy #6 Eli!

Deanna said...

Happy birthday, Eli!!