Monday, May 19, 2008

Look what we got!

After much prayer and deliberation and lots of research and looking on Tim's part, here's what we got:

While it's expensive and will take a little while to pay off, we need it for our business and will save both of us time and energy (as well as my back) and we need both to raise up our four little men properly!

I think we made a good choice, and we got all the things we wanted on it for as low as we've seen for a tractor of this size.

So while one of my best friends just got out of debt-we just added more. But all in the name of business of course!


Jessica said...

Looks like a wise investment!

Deanna said...

The blue is nice. And I like seeing Tim holding Jesse!! I love it when the Daddies hold the little ones!

Deanna said...
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McBorn said...

I'm glad that you got it, since I'm sure it will save you time, money, and a backache in the end. My question is: where will you keep it?

Janelle said...

As you can imagine, Tim's been rearranging and organizing to get it inside. He might have me switch sides for parking, but I'm not excited about that, so we'll see how it all fits in :-)