Tuesday, May 20, 2008

In the Eyes of the Beholder

The boys were playing at the craft table and I was rocking Jesse and Noah looked up out the window and said, "The polices are here!"


"The polices are here!"

"Are you being serious or are you kidding?"

"I'm really not kidding, the polices are here."

The boys are in a phase where they just love to kid around and "trick" you, so I wasn't entirely convinced. But he was looking at something out the window that I couldn't see. I looked out the window beside me to see if I could see anything, and sure enough I see a car coming around the driveway. And it was white. I'm thinking, "Why in the world are the police here?" I continue to watch to see if indeed it is a police car and as it comes around I can see the door and I don't see any police markings. Then when it gets to the middle of the car I look on top and what do I see but a Domino's sign.

A white car with a blue and red sign on the top, I can see where Noah thought it was the police. I just laughed and explained it was the pizza delivery guy, not the "polices".

So the boys all laughed with me.

After a couple of minutes Eli says, "Wow, that girl looks really nice."

"What girl?" Thinking one of our guests was wearing a fancy dress or something I moved to see who he was looking at and what he thinks looks really nice.

Turns out, he likes a girl in a uniform, a Domino's uniform.


Jessica said...

How funny! :)

Deanna said...

Polices...that's priceless!!