Thursday, May 22, 2008


Eli & Noah both got playdoh for their birthdays so we have 8 new tubs of playdoh and the boys decided to make "vitamins" out of all the playdoh and combine all the colors. We've never had that many colors open at one time so they were loving me letting them combine the colors to their heart's content. To make the vitamins they cut the playdoh with scissors, so that's good cutting practice too.

Later in the day I noticed that Noah had a clump of really short hair in the front. When I asked him about it he said he didn't cut it, but after a little more talking, he said that he was waving the scissors around while they were playing playdoh and he snipped his hair, on accident. Which I believe.

The next morning I cut his hair shorter to help the accident blend in. I didn't cut it all as short as what he cut, but it's less noticable and that'll do for now. On the way to church Eli looked at Noah and said, "You look like a pinecone!"
That took me so by surprise that when I laughed it came out as a snort, so then all the boys were laughing.

"Why did you say that?" Noah wasn't sure if he was being made fun of or not and if he should be mad at Eli or not.

Eli replied, "Well I thought if I said that you would laugh, and mom laughed."

Then more giggling laughter from the both of them.


Jessica said...

Such cute kids!

McBorn said...

typical! at least you know they want to make you happy!

Deanna said...

Sarah basically scalped herself a few weeks ago--and since she's a girl, I couldn't chop her hair to make it blend in. She has half cut bangs, and half Dumb & Dumber bangs. Sheesh.

They'll make a cute couple!