Thursday, May 29, 2008

Jesse Update

This post is mostly for me, to help me with Jesse's baby book entries.

I took Jesse to his 2 month appointment today. Turns out, he's growing! He now weighs 13 lbs 8 oz for a weight gain of 4 lbs and 14 oz since birth. That puts him in the 90th percentile for weight. He's now 25 inches long, so he's grown 4 inches since birth which puts him at over 100% for his height/length.

The doctor was very supportive and happy that we are still exclusively nursing. I really like our new doctor, but I've never had a woman for a ped or family doctor.

And here's a recent pic so you know how utterly cute and chubby he's getting to be.


Jessica said...

He is adorable!

Deanna said...

Grow, buddy, grow!!