Sunday, June 01, 2008

Losing Grandpa

We got a call this morning telling us that Tim's grandpa died about 5 AM. He had been in an assisted living facility but due to a fall that required a short hospital stay he was in Hospice care for what we thought would be about a week of recovery. So while we knew he wasn't in good health, we were still shocked by the news.

Tim is very much like his Grandpa and they were pretty close. Tim's doing well, but is still pretty torn up as one can imagine. Tim got a lot of his wacky personality from his Grandpa, as well as his love of auctions, antiques and glass.

Thankfully we had gone to visit Grandpa over Memorial Day. That was the first time Jesse and Grandpa had met. We got some pictures and the boys got to see Grandpa one more time. We were also very pleased that he was having a good day when we were there. He knew all of us, remembered our names, and was so pleased to see the boys. We hadn't been to see him in quite a while with me being pregnant and having a newborn and all so we hadn't realized how gaunt he would look. I think it hit Tim pretty hard that day that the end was near.

Here is Jesse with his Great-Grandpa:

Here is the last picture we have of our family with Grandpa:

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Deanna said...

Rest well, Grandpa. You were very loved.