Thursday, July 03, 2008

Back to Work

Well I'm back to work. I'm two weeks in and so far we are surviving. My first full week back we also had VBS at our church from 6:15 to 8:30 so nothing got done at home and I've spent the rest of this week trying to get back on my right laundry cycle. I do laundry everyday and we I get off for a week it takes a little while to get back on track. Thankfully we have a long weekend this weekend so that should help. I’m all about my schedule. Thanks Flylady!

After I had Simon and came back to work they had to find a place for me to pump. The restrooms all have some type of extra room off of them and the floor I work on had a little shower room off of the restroom and then a large closet off of the shower area. So they set me up with a TV tray in front of the shower stall and we ran an extension cord into the restroom. Unfortunately the closet did not have an outlet. Not the best set up, but I’ve pumped in much worse (a conference room with doors that wouldn’t lock, a wall of windows and two entrances-it wasn’t too bad until someone walked in on me and then what do you do-turn around and say, “Excuse me, but I’m a little busy here”?).

Before I left work to have Jesse our HR lady took me to another floor to show me the room off of that restroom that they were thinking of turning into a ‘lactation room’ since there were so many of us having babies and nursing.

That room was the size of the shower room and closet on our floor put together and had it’s own outlet. It was full of stuff but she said she could clear that out. I was very excited at the prospect.

When I came back to work I asked her if they had set up that room and she said they did. I go to that restroom and there’s a sign on the door that says “Mother’s Lounge Please Knock” how fun! I go in and they have two card table type tables-only the long skinny ones, not square. Each table has a padded card table chair, small extension cord, and a vase with artificial black eyed susan’s. I was so excited. And since there’s plenty of room I took a book and just leave it in there so I read a couple of pages while I’m pumping.

I’m glad I work for a company that doesn’t make it difficult for me to pump in any way. It’s so much easier to pump too when you’re not worried about someone walking in on you (see above) and are in a good environment.


Jessica said...

It's great to have such an accomodating company! I'm glad going back to work has gone smoothly for ya!

Deanna said...

Yay for Buckeye Insurance!!! That makes me want to switch companies and go with them!!

And I admire you for being able to turn pages while pumping--that would NOT work out for me. :)

Jesse and his big brothers are blessed little boys to have a devoted mother. You're a star!!