Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Best Friends

We went to church with Tim's parents over the weekend, as it's a, how can I say this delicately? "Old Person" church, meaning while they have a nursery there's never any one on duty, but you can take your child in there if you need to, so all the boys sat with us during the service.

Which can be such a zoo, but they all did just wonderfully well. Eli sat by Tim's grandma, Noah with Tim's parents, Simon beside me, and I held Jesse once he was ready to get out of his seat.

After a while Simon said, "Mommy, I hold Jesse now?" I put Jesse on his lap and he gets so mad that I want to help hold Jesse's head a little bit, but I insist and he gives in.

Then he looks up at me and says, "Jesse my best friend. He's my best friend."

"Yes I know Simon."

Later, on our way home from the in-laws, we were dropping Eli off for an overnight stay at our babysitter's church camp (with our babysitter, at her request). As we were on the way Eli was horribly grumpy and acting nasty. I asked him what his problem was and he said, "I just don't like to go anywhere without Noah. We should tell [our sitter] that Noah's coming with me. I just don't want to go without him."

He got over it when we got there but still would have preferred it if Noah stayed with him. Then, as I was backing out of my parking space to leave, Simon says, "I just miss Eli!"

Those boys are so melo-dramatic! Can you imagine if we'd of had girls?

I was prompting Simon to say "I know everything and everything" By saying, "Simon, tell Daddy what you know."

Only he says, "I'm Jesse best friend. I'm Jesse's best friend."

The babysitter came and switched kids, she dropped Eli off and took Noah with her for his overnight stay at the church camp.

While he was gone Eli was having a little bit of constipation issues so I was sitting with him in the bathroom and he says, "I just wish Noah was here!"
"Why, what would Noah do for you?
"I don't know, I just want him here!"

These boys of ours are best friends, thick as theives! I hope it like that throughout their lives!

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Deanna said...

A story to warm the heart. Hopefully they still love each other this much in their teens.