Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I've been quite the Prairie woman this summer. Back in July when we had all the raspberries I made preserves and canned 18 pints and 6 cups. Which is a lot!

Then, this past weekend Tim's parents gave us tons of apples from their apple tree. My mom and sister came over and we made applesauce on Saturday and we canned about 30 quarts and 20 pints, plus had some for everyone to take home fresh.

Then yesterday I got some meat out of the freezer on the back porch and realized we still had two bags of apples that we didn't use on Saturday! My plan with those is to make some cinnamon baked apples, I think the boys will like that.

I've canned more this summer than I ever have before and probably that's more than I've canned collectively in previous years. But we've got to feed these growing boys somehow.

And secretly I'm just like my hippie parents, I'd like to grow everything we eat, but unlike my parents, I'm a little more realistic than that! I can't imagine how big of a garden we'd have to have in order to do that. For now, I'll stick with my rhubarb and raspberries and the free apples from Tim's parents!

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Deanna said...

OOh, that sounds like fun! And the applesauce sounds DELICIOUS! It makes me want to make applesauce right now! :)