Monday, August 11, 2008


My kids are rough and tumble boys, to say the least! Eli, especially, is very hard on shoes and pants. Normally I get them a pair of sandals at the beginning of summer and that's what they wear all summer.

This year that didn't work out so well as each one of the boy's sandals started falling apart, in a major way. I think the quality was not as good as in previous years.

While we were on vacation we stopped by Target and looked for sandals. The selection of sandals by the end of July was pretty slim, but they each found something they liked and they all have new footwear:

Eli of course, sticks with what he knows. Noah wanted the cool Lightning McQueen shoes (they make me laugh everytime I see them). And Simon, dear little Simon picked old man boating shoes in plaid.

They are so him! They had the same style but with a little bit of camo and an fighter plane on them and I thought he'd like those better. When I tried to get him to try them on, he wanted them off so he could put on his old crappy sandals. So basically if he couldn't have the plaid ones he'd rather tough it out with his broken sandals-but not in a bratty way, he just didn't want the others. That kid is a riot!

Also, did you notice how Noah & Simon are just a little bit holding hands? How sweet is that?

Here's a shout out to my sister and her husband--Happy First Anniversary! Wishing you many more years of happiness together!

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Deanna said...

I love that they're holding hands. And you're right--those boating shoes are so Simon. HOW CUTE!!

And happy anniversary, M & J!!! :)