Saturday, August 09, 2008

Four Months

I took Jesse for his 4 month check-up right before we left on vacation. Here are his stats:

Length: 26in, 95th percentile
Weight: 14lbs 9oz, 50th percentile

He's grown an inch in two months but only gained a pound, and that worries me a little. The doctor was not concerned at all, but I am. And I'm the mama, I know when to be concerned.

He only eats 4.5 oz every three hours (six times a day). If you give him 5oz he will spit up 4 or 5 times before his next feeding so you can't give him more than 4.5 oz. Of course I don't know for sure how much he's getting when he nurses, but if I nurse too long he'll spit up. He only nurses off of one side, or he'll get too much and spit up.

At this point he's 4 1/2 months so I'm free to start him on some solids, but he just seems so little! But he is little and that's why I guess I should start. Guess I'll pick up some baby cereal at the grocery this weekend.

I'm just not quite ready for this stage. He's barely out of the newborn phase. I'm fighting the urge to say, "And he's my baby!" I need a couple of days to prepare myself and then we'll plunge into babyfood.

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Deanna said...

We started Char on solids at 4 months because she also was small. I know it's hard to let go of the baby stage--sending big "mama" hugs. :)