Thursday, August 07, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Tim and I have been married nine years as of today. They've been a great nine years so I'm glad and hope to be married for many more.

I had almost forgotten it was our anniversary-not because it's not important but because we just went on vacation and aren't going to do anything special to celebrate. We are low on funds for a multitude of reasons (maternity leave, vacation, just paid RE taxes, car insurance, life insurance, etc.) so something extra isn't going to happen this year.

But next year will be our 10th and that should be a jewelry year so that's exciting.

However I did have one surprise in store for me. When I got home yesterday our sitter was having the boys hold something with their backs to me and Eli was holding a card. Then they turned around and this is what they were holding:

Can you see what it is and says? It spells LOVE in sign language with pictures of the boys hands. Eli with the L, Noah with the O, Simon with the V and Jesse's little fist as the E.

I was totally overwhelmed. First that she would do anything for our anniversary, and second at the preciousness of the gift. Her sister had come and taken the pictures, so she went to effort to make it happen.

I was choking back tears as I was examining it. It's just beautiful!

I showed it to Tim and he thought I had made it-I do a little bit of cool photography stuff, but when I explained he was very touched that she would go to that trouble for us.


McBorn said...

Happy Anniversary!
And wow! what a beautiful picture from your boys.

Jessica said...

That is absolutely the sweetest gift ever. I just love it!

Deanna said...

Wow--that's amazingly thoughtful!! I adore the idea and can't wait to see it in person.

Happy anniversary! Here's to so many more!!