Thursday, September 04, 2008

So, Sarah?

Well, did anyone watch/listen to Sarah Palin last night?

I did and I thought she was absolutely fantastic! Of course, I am biased since she's a conservative, but still!

I thought she came out forceful, but not mean. Just right for a pitbull with lipstick!

I appreciated that she wore a skirt and didn't feel like she was trying to be a man-that's the impression I always get with Hillary.

I liked that she didn't name Obama just referred to him as their opponent.

I enjoyed her humor.

I felt proud that she is representing working mothers as capable and smart. We often get a bad rap!

She's young so she doesn't have years of experience behind her, but her experience is quality experience. She's done some amazing things in her tenure as Govenor of Alaska.

And she's a mom of more than 2 kids, which makes me like her all the more!

In case you missed it last night or would just like to revisit, here's a transcript of her prepared remarks.


McBorn said...

I heard most of her speech and I also really liked it. She did have enough spunk without Hillary's pantsuit. I always felt like Hillary had her token child couldn't be bothered with any more. Being a mother was not such an important part of her life as her career, whereas being a mother is a huge part of who Sarah is.
But like Hillary, Sarah is recognizable by her first name only (as Rush pointed out today). I first heard of her last Friday, so I would say that her popularity is growing lightening fast that she is a household name after less than a week! I think she is much more of a regular person than the other candidates of either party. That is refreshing, along with all the other things that I like about her. She sure makes the Republican ticket much more appealing to me!

Jessica said...

I agree. I loved her speech! She's definitely wrapped up my vote (but there was little choice for me!).

Deanna said...

I wasn't a hard sell since my vote is being cast for McCain anyway, but we definitely enjoyed her and remarked more than once, "I can see why he chose her!"

She's so "normal" and hasn't been hardened by Washington politics. She's clearly committed to her pro-life values which will win my vote every time!!

I was a little confused by McCain's choice at first but the more I learn about her, the more I like her.

She's witty, smart, genuine, and her perspective is fresh. It's a nice change for government to have someone "normal" running for office.

Go, Sarah, go!! And who can go wrong with a name like Sarah? Yes, I'm biased. :)

Brenda said...

Sorry girls this old woman doesn't like her at all. I really tried, but I would not vote for her, there is something about her I don't trust. Please don't trust what you hear on tv or in print really research the candiates before you vote. You can only complain about politics if you vote. So make an informed decision not a hersay decision. The other things that bothers me is people who vote on just one issue. There is more at stake than just one issue.

My two cents worth.

Janelle said...

Brenda-precisely why I put in links to other reputable sources, people want real information, not my opinion; I'm no expert!

I would argue about the "trust" issue with Palin as I have the same issue with Obama, but that's the beauty of our system-you can vote your heart or head or where ever it is trust resides :)

My sincere hope is whomever ends up in the whitehouse does a good job for the American people as a whole, and that's a big job.