Tuesday, October 07, 2008

These boys of mine...

It was bedtime and all of the boys had already gone upstairs. I was following with Jesse and it sounded like a herd of screaming banchee elephants were up in their bedroom.

As I'm walking up the steps I start formulating what I'm going to do to rein them in, what punishments will have to be doled out, that kind of thing.

Then I see that they have their door mostly closed, and I realize the noise isn't them being mean or bad, it's just noise.

I decided to just peek in to watch them and see what they were really doing.

Noah has the top tray to his toolbox and is banging it on his dresser drawers. Simon is standing on Eli's bed clacking two pencils together and singing for all he's worth. Eli is banging something on his dresser, but I can't see him so I don't know what.

I just watch and they continue to bang and sing nonsense. Jesse and I are quiet just watching.

Then Eli moves into my sight and takes command of the situation. "Stop guys! Okay, now, Noah, you are banging that, and that's good, it's just too loud, so do it more softly. Then I'll make this noise by tapping my pencil on my dresser, and Simon you keep doing that. Ready? Go!"

Can you tell they play instruments in his music class?

Then Noah looks out the door crack and sees me. His face turns into a big grin, and then hesitates since he's not entirely sure they should be banging on everything, then sees that I'm not mad and continues to grin.

Then he says, "Mom's watching us! Mom's watching us!" Which just feeds the fire for Simon-he loves an audience.

I think it's their first "Bedroom Band" like a garage band, only not in a garage or with real instruments or songs, but you know, basically the same.


Jessica said...

Sounds like you may have the next Jonas brothers or Hansen on your hands! :)

Deanna said...

Give it another 10 years or so and they'll be rocking that tent with their own parties!!

Who is getting a drum set for Christmas??