Thursday, November 13, 2008


I just wanted to make a note that Jesse has been climbing up the little half steps we have that go into our bathrooms for a couple of weeks now. He has just recently mastered going down the little steps too.

We also have a full step up into our family room and he can now climb up that like it's no big deal, it doesn't really even slow him down anymore. He is still working on the going down part, but at his speed, it won't be long.

Just this past weekend he has started to walk when you hold his hands. Before this weekend he would just stand or bounce if you were holding his hands, but not now, now he has places to go.

This one is not holding on to is babyhood for very long. Bittersweet times for a Mama!


Deanna said...

No, no, no!! He's not allowed to leave babyhood behind yet. He's not even close to his first birthday yet!! Slow down, Jesse!!!

Anonymous said...

Jesse...joyous, serene, a combintion of so much. He is thriving!