Monday, December 29, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Hope everyone is enjoying the season! We've had a lot of fun at our house over the last week.

We've joined the land of Wii, which is Eli's favorite to beat me at things. Noah's interest is a little less-he'd rather just watch a movie; we'll have to watch that boy!

We have Hot Wheels coming out our ears and the boys are loving it! They so enjoy them.

We also got lots of games to play and it is wonderful to finally be able to play some board games with the boys--other than Hi Ho Cherry-O or Chutes and Ladders or Candyland.

The boys were all very pleased to realize that even though Tim and I are headed back to work that they are still on Christmas Vacation.

Merry Christmas!


Anonymous said...

Now playing "family games" as the boys get older will be more special times of memory-making. It's amazing how one's personality comes out while playing games.

Deanna said...

It was great to see you all over the break. Tell Noah that we had to cut our trip to "Grandma's House" short because of illness so it's a good thing he decided to stay with his family. :)

Let's get together again soon!