Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Training Update

I haven't done a training update in a while. Mostly because December was hard to get any training in. What with my sister's baby shower, church Christmas party, Tim working almost 60 hours a week, getting ready for Christmas, and bad weather running took a back seat a lot of days unfortunately. So I am not on track with where I wanted to be, but I'm doing okay.

Right now my plan is to add half a mile on my weekly run for milage until the week before the race. Which will put me at 10.5 miles and from there I'll just bank on being able to continue on the last 2.6 miles due to my training and race day adrenaline.

This past weekend I did 6.5 miles. I can't say I ran 6.5 miles, because I can't run the whole time, but I'm racking up the miles and getting my legs strong. I'm excited to see what I can do on race day. I'm only about two months out right now!!


Jessica said...

I was just wondering about your training the other day. I hope you are able to get some time in. I think your ambition is awesome!

Deanna said...

You'll be ready on race day! Way to go on the progress!! I'm anxious to see the photos of you at the finish line!!