Friday, February 20, 2009


I love that babies dance. They have no embarassment issues, they just "get their groove" on when the mood strikes. Then they grow out of it. Or at least the rest of my boys did.

I happen to have a baby that dances like no other that I've seen. The child finds a beat in everything. And I mean everything!

The clicking of the grocery cart on the tile floor at Aldi-dances to the beat.
A TV commerical music-dances.
Someone taps on the table-dances.
Music on the radio-dances.
A brother makes car noises-dances.
Boiling water in the teapot-dances.
It's everywhere and in everything. Just listen. If you don't notice it, spend a day with him and then you'll realize the beat of life is everywhere!

My personal favorite is when I nurse him before bedtime. I sit and watch TV while we nurse and a commerical will come on and as he's nursing his little body starts to move. His booty wiggles and his shoulders pump. Then he starts to smile; about that time I look at his face and he busts into a full-on grin and keeps his grooving and then returns to nursing while still grooving.

I laugh everytime. And he does it everytime. I think he's falling into the roll of baby of the family--the entertainer. He does his dancing routine partly just to humor me as he enjoys the attention it gets him, but also partly because he can't help it: it's in him.


Deanna said...

He's paving his way to a fun adulthood! I love that unabashed love for something so adorable!!

Natalie said...

My husband spontaneously dances once about every oh 3 minutes when he is home. I guess he never outgrew it!

Brenda said...

That is just too cute! Patrick is starting to enjoy being naked, he used to scream during a diaper change, now it's like freedom! Pretty cool how they are all the same but yet very different. It is fun and amazing to watch. The little guy is 2+ months already.

Jessica said...

Hoss is a bit of a dancer. He loves to dance to the Wii music. Just the background stuff as we play the game. He'll say, "I'm dancin' to the bowling music" etc. So cute! I bet Jessie is a hoot

denise1006 said...

yep I remember those days, I think we have an old vcr tape of Tonio dancing to the music. Wait till Jesse starts learning his signature moves lol

Deanna said...
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Deanna said...

Here's a video of Sarah dancing when she was younger. Some day she is going to hate us for posting this. HA!!

Deanna said...

The rest of that link is:


Jodie said...

That is a so cute! I love how each kid is so different yet they are the same in lots of ways. I enjoy watching each one develop their own personalities and seeing where it takes them. It is great that kids can do what ever they like and don't worry about what others think. Enjoy it!