Monday, February 09, 2009

What a weekend!

Sometimes a weekend can just kick your butt! This was one of those. It started last week with Simon having an infection on this thumb. He bites his nails (just like his daddy) and we think he tore a hangnail up too high and it got infected. Tim tried to drain it Thursday morning and didn't have much luck, I tried after his bath on Thursday and got most of the pus out, but by Friday morning it was all full again, as I was trying to drain it again, the sitter called saying she was sick-throwing up and wouldn't be in.

Luckily my mom was at our house and she was able to cancel her plans and stay with the boys for the day. Then I took Simon to the doctor to have his thumb drained and she prescribed antibiotics so it wouldn't get further infected.

When I got home we had to leave right away to take my mom home as she had a meeting at 6:00 with a church group. In the meantime Mom told me that Eli's belly and back was covered in a rash. Then I remembered he sounded like he had a sore throat Friday morning. I was fearing Scarlett Fever since he's had it before.

We picked up Simon's prescription, got home and ate and I looked at Eli's rash, it reminded me of Scarlett Fever, but our after-hours clinic doesn't accept our insurance anymore so I wasn't sure what to do since it was so late. Meanwhile Jesse was whining and fussy like I've never seen-he's teething and has such a hard time with it. I decided to call the doctor first thing in the morning if Eli's rash wasn't gone.

Saturday morning I did some research on Scarlett Fever and I was sure that's what Eli had so I called the doc and luckily our doc was on call and she called in a prescription for him. We picked that up and got everyone going on their medicine.

I wanted to go see my friend's new baby and Tim's grandma this weekend, but with a highly contagious boy and a teething baby it just wasn't going to happen. We did a lot of laundry, washed toys in bleach that Eli had played with, that kind of thing. Good times!

I did get a break on Sunday afternoon for about an hour and 45 minutes while I ran. I even took Jesse to the grocery with me since Tim was having a time with him. Jesse is working on two teeth and one I can now see the white of so it shouldn't be long for that one.

Everyone is on the mend now so that's good but I'm still worn out.


Natalie said...

Hope everyone is feeling better! I know I was busy all weekend long myself and it seems like it flew by!

Peyton's said...

Wow, sounds like you need another weekend to relax a bit!

Jodie said...

I have had those kind of days! I feel your pain! seems like it just keeps on coming. hope everyone is better soon!!

denise1006 said...

wow! lol thats how it always happens here too, everyone sick and I usually end up with it the worst for some reason. But we've been to the clinic for some weird stuff im sure the docs were wondering how we did it. i.e. tonio was 5 when he accidently got stabbed by a kitchen knife devin got a hold of when he was 3. Wyatt got a 2nd degree burn on his foot when he managed to crawl his way up and onto the burner i used earlier for cooking. i could go on but im sure you get the point lol Im just glad you all are doing better. And I want to see the baby too!lol

Jessica said...

I hope the kiddos feel better soon. And that you don't get sick as well. I hope you can get some rest this coming weekend.

Deanna said...

When it rains, it pours, huh? I hope everyone is feeling better soon. You're welcome whenever you want to come visit--take care of those kiddos and we'll catch up soon.

Give those boys a big snuggle from me.