Friday, February 06, 2009

Morality Views

I was reading a newsletter that I get for conservative type views and followed a few links and got to a blog post that I could have written. Well, if I was a good writer and well versed in specific Bible verses I could have written it. It is a post about homosexuality and I thought I would link to it as I find it well written, concise, and accurate. I don't know that it would sway anyone from an opposing view point, but I appreciated it.
I had the same basic discussion as that post with a friend of mine about four years ago and while I didn't sway her to my viewpoint she did say she had never spoken with someone who was able to articulate intelligently why they felt the way they did about homosexuals.
My argument to her was that we all are born with sinful tendencies and it is up to us to act is such a way as to not fall into the sinful temptation we are prone to. Myself, I've not had problems with wanting to kill people (an obvious sin), but I do have a hard time with my anger (not such an obvious sin) and I work daily to keep it in check. Just because I was born that way does not give me the freedom to lash out at people in anger either physically or verbally and then just say "That's the way I was born!" as a defense for that sinful behavior. Just as a murderer can't say that's the way they were born as a defense for killing someone. Being born with a sinful tendency doesn't make it okay to act on it.
I especially agree with the referenced blog post where he indicates all of the sexual immoral behavior referenced in the Bible is equally wrong. How, as Christians who believe the Bible is the word of God, can we say that one of those listed is okay, but all the others are wrong? I don't believe we can. We need to continue to be cognizant that homosexuality is a sin and not let the society of the day convince us otherwise.
We can, however, act with compassion towards those who are struggling with the sin of homosexuality. I appreciate the compassion people offer to me when I lose my temper, and those that encourage me to continue to be the best I can be without losing my temper. I know we as Christians hold on to a lot of our sins and don't want to give them up to God; homosexuality is the same way. We are not called to judge or condemn, but encourage and support the sinners (all of us).


Deanna said...

I hope to have time soon to look at the link and read it. I'm interested to see what he has to say.

denise1006 said...

I have to say, that is an interesting article. What perplexes me the most about it is the fact that he thinks they are choosing to live those lives on their own accord. Comming from a medical standpoint on the subject, I find it hard to believe that babies born with both sex organs at birth and where their parents decided to make them boy or girl had little choice in choosing the lifestyle they were given. I feel that alot of those mentioned in the article are simply gene or dna defects in the human body. If God is loving God why would he punish these children of his for mistakes made by their parents or other biological factors? I am not saying that I feel all gays and lesbians fall under these terms but I think many do. I am not for gay marriage be legalized, and I agree with alot of the article. I just feel it needs to be viewed at a clinical level as well as moral and ethical.

Janelle said...

In response to the above comment by denise1006 I totally understand what you are saying, however, the percentage of homosexuals who are born with both sex organs and require suregery etc., as compared to those how are born "normal" and choose to act on their homosexual urges is a tiny percentage. The vast majority had no issues at birth.

I was discussing the majority of homosexuals. If indeed the parents/doctors had to make a decision at birth that is an entirely different situation.