Wednesday, March 04, 2009


When exactly does a person become a hillbilly? Is it a choice they even make? Are they born that way? Or do they grow into it?

I think maybe, in certain cases, they grow into their hillbilly status. It grows on them. Or in them. See the picture!

I just laugh and laugh at his hillbilly teeth. (Just so you know, that was a hard picture to get!)

He got the bottom two, then one of his top teeth and I assumed the other top front tooth was on it's way, but no, the one off to the side came in. Then the side one on the bottom, but still no other front tooth.


Deanna said...

He's one step away from twelve cars on blocks in the yard, racoons for dinner, and 14 kids all named Billy Bob. :)

Peyton's said...

It is so interesting how kids all develop slightly different than the next! I guess that is what makes them all so special.

Jodie said...

That is to funny! Earlier this week I was calling Michael a hill billy. He is losing teeth, one front tooth is half grown in and the other was hanging way down low ready to fall out. I told him we should paint a few black and call him a real hillbilly! Michael and Jesse the family Hillbillies!