Thursday, March 05, 2009


The boys have been into Legos for a long time, but we only have the big chunky kind. They make ships and robots mostly, but there are lots of guns and things too.

They have Lego Indiana Jones for the Wii and have borrowed Lego Star Wars for the Wii from my sister and her husband, so they've been more into Legos because of playing those so much.

Then, one of Eli's friends at school has been bring Lego Star Wars toys to play with during inside recess. He even let Eli bring some home to play with--bad idea though since they are so small (and expensive). We told him he couldn't bring any more home, but if he wanted he could use his money and buy some Lego toys.

Then all the boys decided they wanted to buy "Lego men." I tried to explain they wouldn't be able to just buy the men, but they never think I know what I'm talking about when it comes to toys. So I said we'd go to the store and just see what there was. I also told them they'd have to pool their money, but they didn't want to believe that very much either.

After dinner we were getting ready to go to the store and everyone was gathering up their money. Eli got his, Noah and Simon weren't sure where theirs was so I said I'd get it for them. Although I wasn't sure where Simon's would be, I was thinking I had deposited all of his in his savings account.

Noah piped up and said Simon's was on his dresser. Then I did remember seeing $3 on Simon's dresser, and I said as much. Noah said, "Well I think there's only two dollars."

That seemed highly suspect to me, since I was pretty sure there were three and he was insisting there were only two dollars on Simon's dresser. How would he know?

"Or Noah, did Simon have three and then you took one?"

Noah dropped his head and a big juicy tear spilled out of his eye and started rolling down his cheek. "Well, one of my dollars got a hole in it so I threw it away and took one of Simon's. And now I'll have to give it back and I won't have any money and I won't get any Lego men!"

I wanted to laugh, but he takes such things to heart so I couldn't. Plus by now he has big tears coming down both cheeks and is gettin pretty upset. I did say, "Noah! You can't throw money away. I know you didn't know that so you're not in trouble, but now you do know so don't throw money away; even it it has a hole in it it's still good. And yes, you will have to give Simon one of your dollars. You can't just take someone else's money."

As I write this post now and I'm thinking how much money Noah had and how much I thought there should be and I think he threw away a five dollar bill. At this point they are all "dollars" to him. How did it get a "hole" in it anyway?
New plan: keep their money under my supervision.


Natalie said...

That is too cute!

denise1006 said...

lol my kids love legos too, they usually leave them all over the house and the dog eats them. But thats exactly what they make , ships and guns and stuff lol how funny it must be a boy thing. Believe it or not you actually can buy just men from the website I think or on ebay. I know all about the little people lol. Weve got alot of lost spacemen and harry potter guys roaming the house.

Waldorf toys said...

Aww, how cute, i miss lego so much....

Deanna said...

Bless Noah's heart. I hope you got it all straightened out. Our girls keep their money in envelopes that we keep on the fridge.