Tuesday, March 17, 2009


When people ask me if Jesse can talk yet, I say he does a little. He says Mama, and sometimes he'll say Dada, nini (goodnight), buh buh (bye bye), but other than that the doesn't really say too much.

Unless you count the inflections he uses when he "says" things.

I came home the other day and the sitter said he didn't say it, but she could have bet he did based on the inflections in his voice she heard "Look at this T---" and he was showing her something.

This morning I gave Noah and Simon hugs and kisses and was about to walk out of the room when Jesse toddled over to me. I had already hugged and kissed him, but I'm always game for one more. So I squatted down and hugged him and said, "I love you." As I let go of him he turned away and I could have sworn he said "I love you."

I looked at the sitter and she looked at me, "Didn't that sound like he said 'I love you'?" She said, "I know, his inflections are right on."

So how much does he talk? I don't know. But I do know he loves me. He told me.


McBorn said...

That is so sweet! He knows what he is meaning to say, even if he isn't really saying the words. But isn't that close enough? :)

Deanna said...

Yes, he loves his mama!!

Jodie said...

Gabe who is a year and a half does the same thing. He makes the sounds but no words come out. He says hardly any "real" words. only hi, mama, uh oh. But he knows how to get his point across just the same. They figure it out soon enough and then they don't stop talking, right?! It is fun to watch them learn how it all works together. How many words they learn in such a short time is amazing.

Anonymous said...

Inflection is so much a part of how we gain meaning from verbal communication that I think it's just as good as having a broad vocabulary. (Maybe even better!)

I've had experience with children close to me where I know exactly what they are trying to get across, and they don't have very many words (or they only have "babble sounds"). If you're attuned to them, you can have a conversation!