Friday, March 13, 2009

Meeting Alex

The boys and I got to go and meet baby Alex the other day. I had almost forgotten how little newborns are.

He was just as sweet and precious as he could be. It was a treat to hold such a new little guy. Jesse kept wanting to pet his head so Noah had to hold him back for the picture.

It was a superhero day in case you hadn't noticed. Eli as Batman and Noah as Spidey. Good times.

Alex's big sisters were gone on an impromptu trip with their Dad to buy a "new" car so my boys had free reign of all the girl's toys. They played Petshop and other "girl" stuff and had a ball. They even cleaned up without too much protest. They peeked at Alex of course, but the toys....

I'm glad we got to meet Alex and that he and his Mama are figuring it all out together. Each mother/baby relationship is completely different, starting at the womb. I remember saying to Jesse when he would cry, "Give me time, I'm still learning you!"

It's something to remember: that they are all different and you are meeting a new person for the first time and it will take a little while to get to know them. But it's so worth it! If you're not sure about that, ask Alex's Mama!

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Deanna said...

My girls were bummed that their friends visited and they weren't here. You'll have to pay another visit soon and hold Alex again before he gets too big. :)

Thanks for the visit and for the meal. It was wonderful having such enjoyable company on my "lonely" weekend.