Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Some of you who are close to me in real life know in December it was mentioned that I would be moving from a cube to an office (at work) and that nothing has materialized.

Earlier this morning the CEO popped over to my cube and asked me to meet with him so I followed him to the HR office. We are restructuring who I report to and he explained how that will work. Essentially, I'll meet with him and the COO once a month and give them an overview of what I have been doing and will be doing the next month (previously I reported mostly through the CFO). He was very complimentary saying it might not work to do that with someone else in my position, but that I won't have any trouble doing the work with little direction. Which is true since I haven't really had a boss at all since December when this was first brought up and I'm keeping pretty well on track with my plan for this year.

He then told me that they had the office cleaned out that will be mine. At that point the HR lady asked when I would move into it and the CEO said, "I don't see why we can't do it next week."

So while it remains to be seen, it seems as though I'm going to have my own office. I've never had an office before. It'll be kind of fun, and yet lonely. I've made really good friends with the people I sit with now and I hate to move to a different floor and make new friends-I'm not very good at that. I already know everyone, but I'm not really friends with them.


Deanna said...

Fancy!! You're playng with the big dogs now!! That's great news!! Very exciting!!

Peyton's said...

Awesome! It is always good to have a door! I didn't realized that people have cubicles other than customer service until I moved down here and had a couple of jobs, as I had an office from day one back home. You do get a lot more done!