Monday, April 06, 2009


We have a wide screen TV like most people do these days and it has been infuriating me to no end lately.

There are different settings on the TV you can choose from so that you can see the most of whatever you are watching. Settings like: standard, expand, zoom, stretch. We normally have it set to standard as that shows the complete picture but some stations/shows will have black bars on the top and bottom. I have gotten used to them, so much so that I don't even realize they are on there anymore.

I've noticed some of the shows that normally have the black bars don't anymore on the standard setting and it is cutting off the left and right edges of the picture. I notice it when they are rolling credits mostly, but depending on what's happening in a scene it can cut off people if they are standing on the edges. So I keep fiddling to see if if there's a better setting to use.

I was fiddling with it the other day when Tim sat down to watch TV too. I expressed my frustration and he acted like I was from Mars. He seemed to think the setting was fine. I couldn't believe that I would notice it and he wouldn't. Normally I'm the one oblivious to things like that.

When the next show was starting I pointed out to him how you could only see a couple letters of the first name of an actor and then the last name. It was almost as though he couldn't see it. I began to wonder if I was making it up in my own mind.

"Can't you tell the words are being cut off?"
"I mean I guess, now that you point it out."
"You didn't notice it?"
"No, I don't read any words on TV. TV is for entertainment, not for reading."
"For real, you don't read words on TV?"
"No, I don't."

A little bit later I looked at him and said, "I read every word that pops up on the screen. You really don't?"
"Huh! Interesting!"


Peyton's said...

So, what you have discovered is that not only do men have selective hearing, they also have selective vision... Interesting!

Deanna said...

Souns like something Tim would say. :) I'm guessing he doesn't read books for enjoyment, huh?

Natalie said...

So like my husband. He HATES to read. Anything. Other than the sports page in the Sunday paper. I nominated you for a bloggy award.

Is the link

Brenda said...

We must remember Men are from Mars and women from Venus!

Janelle said...

I think they do have selective vision!

No, Tim doesn't read for enjoyment; the last thing he read for fun was the tractor manual!

Thanks Natalie!

And yes, I guess I should have said, "He looks at me like I'm from Venus!"