Thursday, June 11, 2009

Almost Four

Simon's birthday is in January so when we had the last round of birthdays here in May Simon was feeling a little bit left out.

He wants to know when he's turning four, when his party is, and who can come to his party. He talks about it day after day and since he still has no real concept of time, there's not much I can do to make him understand that he's not even 3 1/2 yet.

The other night it started up again when Noah said Simon couldn't do something since he was only three. Simon started to get upset and countered with, "I'm not, I'm this many!" and then struggled to get four fingers up.

I explained to him that he's not four yet, but he can say he's three and a half. No dice, it's still got "three" in it and apparently that's not good enough. I shrugged, not knowing what else to say to make him feel better.

Then I said, "Hey Simon, we can say you're 'almost four', how about that?"

That was do-able since it has "four" in it. Therefore, until his next birthday (in January), Simon's age will be referred to as 'almost four', not three, not three and a half, but almost four. Gotta love an 'almost four' year old!


Jodie said...

Mine always add the 1/2 on right after their birthdays. anything to be older. Funny how when you are little you want the bigger number, then when your older the smaller numbers are what you want.

Dan and Peg said...

Ha! Dominic was fine with four, and very happy about it, till he got that Rose was six. For a while he was telling folks he was six!

Deanna said...

He and Charlotte must have conspired when you guys visited last. She is convinced that she's just about to turn 5. She's only 4 1/4!!

Why are they so anxious to grow up?

Natalie said...

Daniel is ok with 4 but keeps asking when he will be 5 sohe can go to school. I tried explaining a year from now bc you just had you bdaybut he insits it is "tomorrow"