Friday, June 12, 2009


We made it through VBS!

The boys, for the first time in recent history of our church's VBS, collected more pennies for our Compassion kids than the girls. It's a serious race each year with five gallon buckets of pennies being balanced on a scale. One of the adults of the losing gender always gets a pie in the face, or slimed, or other such fun. This year it was pie!

I made a bank run to get more pennies. Do you realize how heavy $15 of pennies are? Heavy! Or how many rolls of pennies that is? 30, in case like me you forgot that each roll of pennies is only 50 cents and not a dollar like I was thinking. I had to borrow a bag from the bank to get my stash of loot out to the car. And that may be just what put us over the top.

My boys were SUPER excited to win! Go boys!


Deanna said...

Go boys is right!!! YAY!!

Jessica said...

With your brood of boys, I anticipate there will be many years of winning in the future! :)

Anonymous said...
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