Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Make Something

One night last week at Vacation Bible School, it was story time in the Preschool room and Simon wanted to sit on my lap. We were all sitting on the floor, me indian style, and Simon came and sat on my lap. He's not generally very snuggly so I take what I can get from him.

I leaned down to kiss him or something and he says to me, "Why didn't you make something?"

I don't understand what he means or is talking about so I lean down to hear him better and my hair kind of falls on his head.

Then he starts to get irritated, flips my hair out of his way and says, "Why didn't you make something with your hair?!?

Make something with my hair? It's in a barrette like it always is, I have no idea what he's talking about. Well, I did forget to pull it back in a pony tail for VBS. Then it starts to dawn on me. "Are you wondering why it's not pulled back in a pony tail?"


"Well I just forgot to do it when I was changing clothes that's all."

"Well you shouldn't forget."

Apparently he's not a fan of hair falling on him.


Jodie said...

Vinny was just spitting my hair from his mouth yesterday. Told him it was my super power. when the bad guy comes to close, woosh woosh, i swing my hair at him and he chokes on it. :-)
I like what Simon said, "make something" that is cute!

Natalie said...

LOL that is too cute.

Deanna said...

He's probably used to seeing you that way.. It's funny how they have preferences, even a this young age. :)