Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Santa brought a Gator to our house in 2005, and it has been driven hard! It's getting pretty worn out-bald tires, only gear "2" works, reverse is questionable, and doesn't hold a charge for very long these days. But my, the boys have enjoyed it. And now, it gets passed to the second half of the boys:

Last year this was Noah and Simon, and before that it was Eli and Noah. That poor gator will be lucky to make it long enough for Jesse to drive it but, if not, the hours he has clocked just sitting in the drivers seat while it's charging is worth a lot!

It needs a new transmission-do they do that? Where do you take it-the local John Deere dealer?


Deanna said...

I love this photo! Are they hauling a scooter??

Janelle said...

Yes, they are hauling Eli's scooter. Who knows?