Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The Price of Things

We are running low on diapers and I don't like to push it there, so I ran to Kroger to get some more. Jesse takes a size 4 diaper, and I get the big box since it's cheaper that way. $16.99 for the box for 88 diapers for an individual cost of 19.3 cents per diaper. That's the Kroger brand and I feel they work well.

They were out of size 4 in the boxes, like they often are, but they had new boxes. Just changed the packaging so I grabbed the box and when I pulled it out I realized it was really short. Then I read the box. New! 64 Diapers! Which is fine, but the tag still said $16.99 which didn't seem right. A lady was stocking the shelves so I asked her about it.

Apparently in an effort to raise the price of the diapers they changed the size of the box. Now each diaper is 26.5 cents. That's a 7.2 cent increase in each diaper. That's a 37% increase. I don't doubt that they needed to raise the price of diapers, but over 30%? That's a little exteme! I did look at Huggies, and they recently did the same thing so the Kroger brand is still the best option unless I move to cloth and I don't think that's going to be worthwhile for the last child in the last year of diapers.

I told her I'd check at Wal-Mart to see what their prices are for diapers. My budget is just not quite ready for a 37% increase in the cost of diapers. She didn't blame me. In reality, I doubt I'll really go to Wal-Mart since I'm not much of a Wal-Mart girl, but I might check. After all, it is a big increase!

My solution: time to potty train! I got the potty chair out last night and set Jesse on it before putting his diaper on for bed. He didn't do anything, but we're laying the groundwork. We'll have him sit there at regular intervals and go from there.


Peyton's said...

That is a good idea, a way to boycott the price of the increase and the cost of going to cloth is to just eliminate the need. I think that we all were potty trained at 18months because Mom didn't like cleaning up the cloth ones all the time.

Dan and Peg said...

And I thought I was the only one who calculated the price of each diaper!

Deanna said...


Janelle said...

Anna-it's easier to just be potty trained too!
Peggy-I think we are twins sometimes :)
D-I know!