Tuesday, June 02, 2009


One day Eli and Noah both had little notebooks and pencils and were heading outside to play. I asked them what they were doing.

"We're observeacation," said Noah.

Uh, Huh?

"Like Sid, the Science Kid," said Eli.

"Oh, you're going to make an observation? You're going to observe?" I asked.

"Yeah!" they both yell.

Not to be left out, Simon ran in to get a book too (he ended up coming out with a coloring book, but hey, it was a book he could write in). They all headed down by the pond and I just watched them. They laid on the grass beside the pond making observations and drawing in their little notebooks. I hope they continue with their love of science, they certainly don't get it from me.


Jessica said...

Aw, how wonderful! Soon you will have all 4 with their notebooks observeacation. I hope you found your cell phone. :)

Natalie said...

That is wonderful that they are so curious about the world

Deanna said...

We're Sid fans around here, too. :)