Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Tid bits

A retired couple from church asked us over for dinner. To their house. Which is kind and I'm thankful, but if you have children you understand how stressful it can be with four rowdy boys in a non-childproofed home with people you don't know very well. It can be a recipe for disaster.

But it wasn't. They are laid back people and our boys listen pretty well. They have a yard and dog that likes to play. We have boys that like to play, it worked out swimmingly.

There were two tid bits from that evening I don't want to forget:

I was inside in the kitchen helping get drinks for dinner when Noah came in and sort of tries to pull me aside, "Can we talk quietly?"

"Of course." I start to go on about my business, I'm thinking, yes talk quietly!

"Okay, come here."

"What? Are you asking me something? What?" I'm thoroughly confused.

"Can we talk quietly?" I get it now, he wants to ask me something in private, so I bend down, "What?"

"Is she our grandma?"

"No. She's A Grandma, but not Our Grandma."

"Oh, okay." And he scampers back outside.

Here's the second:

They also have a small fish pond with koi. The boys had strict orders before we even got out of the car not to mess with the fish or put anything in the pond. They did pretty well for quite a while. Then, shortly before it was time for us to head home, they were all at the edge of the pond, but we couldn't see what they were doing. They had either stones or mulch in their hands, or both.

Tim called out to them, "What are you boys doing?"

Noah answers with "We're just seeing how much these weigh."

Tim nods and goes back to his conversation. I look at the "Grandma" and she and I both laugh. Now how do you suppose those boys are weighing those items? By dropping them in the pond to see if they sink, that's how!


Peyton's said...

Maybe they should have taken their observation tablets along to record what they observed. Keep their hands busy.

I love how kids see things and the ideas that make perfect sense to them!

Some times it really helps with our frustration at what they are doing, because we have to stop and laugh.

Deanna said...

I'm sure she'd love to be THEIR Grandma. :)