Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bird Nest

I just love to watch what the boys play with and what they think of. I went out to the swing set one day where they were playing and they were so excited. They had a bird nest and had put in up in the play set. I got the camera and took a picture, because I don't want to forget this.

But I'm slow at doing posts with pictures since it takes so long to upload pictures at home and a couple of days went by. I figured they had long since destroyed the bird nest. Except they hadn't. I was surprised, they are so hard on everything! They had found another one. Now they have a tall one and a short one.

I didn't really ask any questions about where they got the nest, but they did say that Eli climbed a tree and got it down. Apparently it had eggs in it and they were destroyed. I didn't ask in what manner. Sometimes it's better not to know, and then I can't picture it.

Do you see those "bones" inside the nests? There's a small grove of trees shading the play set and they are allowed to dig and whatnot in there. They were digging and looking for bones. Probably dinosaur bones, in case you were wondering. But really just clods of dirt and old coal ash.

I pulled out the camera again. I want to remember how they searched for things to put in their little nests-all the while discarding the eggs that actually went in the nest. The mind of a small boy is very interesting to me.

I figured I had a nice little post about the boys and their bird nests, but it didn't quite stop there. We went over to some friends from church's house and Noah was telling her about the bird nest. I half held my breath because you really never know what he is going to say.

"We got a bird nest."

"You did?"

"Yeah, we put it on the play set."

"Don't the birds need it?"

"No, the eggs are dead. And birds can make a new nest."

The total tally of nests they have found and lined up on the play set is seven. That's a lot of nests!


Deanna said...

I feel bad for the birds on your property. The Nest Hunters are on the loose! They could have their own show on Discovery Channel.

Jessica said...

I completely understand the theory to not ask questions you don't want to necessarily know the answers to. :) I wonder how long it will take for the birds to move to another yard to find a tree...I'm sure they won't enjoy building a new home every day.

Jodie said...

So at the end of the summer you will have to let us know how many they end up with!