Monday, July 13, 2009

Score one for me!

Remember how I was irritated about the diapers going up in price? Well, I think I've got it figured out!

I shop at Aldi, because I'm frugal. Or cheap, whatever! But we don't buy everything there, some of their items don't meet the standards of what I want. For instance, I tried diapers there once, that was a bad idea. I did always get wipes there until they "improved" them and then they felt like wet cardboard.

Since I was mad about how expensive the Kroger diapers had become-and by the way, I opened the pack from Kroger and they revamped the diaper too and I don't like them at all. You can't tell the front from the back because of how they printed on the diaper. Sorry for the tangent. Anyway, I decided to get one pack of Aldi diapers since they are 17 cents per diaper.

I got them home and sat looking at the package for a few days and then figured I should open it to see how bad they were going to be. Turns out, they are great! They are actually the Kroger diapers from two "models" ago. Same design and everything. They were the Kroger diapers I liked best anyway, so now I can just get diapers at Aldi when I do my grocery shopping.

Next shopping trip I'm going to look at wipes to see what the cost comparison is with the Huggies I get now.

The diaper wars:


Deanna said...

You go, girl!!

Brenda said...

I hear You loud and clear!

Natalie said...

I loved the ALDI's diapers when my Aunt introduced me to them on a visit to Chicago. I bought 6 packs to take home with me