Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Since a lot of my family reads my blog I'm going to ask for some prayers. Tim's grandma is 93 with breast cancer and it won't be much longer now. She's still in pretty good spirits, but it's getting harder for her. She doesn't like to be alone at night, and yet wants to stay in her home, which has been possible so far. Please pray for her comfort in her last days.

Also, if you recall, Jesse had an issue that I mentioned earlier, and at his checkup today, the issue remains. I'm not sure why with the specialist he seemed okay and now, plain as day, he's not. Our family doc is probably going to order an ultrasound so she can see what's going on. She said she'd call and let me know after she gets the details from the specialist-they never sent her anything.

Anyway, just pray for Jesse's healing. I've been a little distracted this afternoon, he's my baby you know.


Jodie said...

We will be praying!

Jessica said...

I am praying.

Deanna said...

Praying here, too.