Thursday, July 30, 2009


Well, we officially have two boys in sports now. Let the fun begin! Noah is playing preschool soccer, and Eli is playing soccer and finishing up tennis.

I feel a messy kitchen coming on this week. I'm having trouble keeping up. We are overlapping Eli's tennis and soccer this week and then next week is his last week of tennis, so that should make things easier. I didn't realize there was an overlap when I decided he could do both. Tennis is fun though-they have it at the park so Eli practices and then they play a game while we are hanging out at the swings and play set. When I push Jesse on the swings I can watch Eli too, and it's only an hour. My kind of deal!

We'll see what everyone likes and then they can continue on with what they like-not everything, but they get to try out most stuff to see what they like or if they have a gift.


Natalie said...

Daniel has not started sports yet but I know when he does we will be BUSY. I always was with bball and volleyball. I even sucked very gracefully (or not) at tennis for a few years lol

Deanna said...

It's fun to try out different things. Sarah played soccer and basketball last year. This fall we're going to start piano lessons and she has expressed interest in maybe doing basketball again. It's fun to try lots of new things and see what "sticks". :)