Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Grandma, or more specifically, Tim's Grandma, passed away last evening. I got the call about 7:15 yesterday. She lived a long and beautiful life, only tarnished by this last summer. She has gone to be with Jesus and Wilbur, who was beside himself waiting for her, if your personality follows you to heaven.

We will miss her greatly, but are so glad she's no longer suffering! This will be hardest on Tim's Mom (and her sister), but we're here to love on her and help her through it-the both of them!

Here she is in one of my last pictures of her, before she got to really feeling bad this summer.
Catherine and Jesse. I'm sad he won't remember her. But we'll talk about her enough that he'll know she loved him and got a kick out of watching him run and play.


Deanna said...

Rest well, Grandma Catherine. I'm confident she's enjoying Wilbur's company now and that they both feel whole again. I hope to live such a long and blessed life.

Peyton's said...

Yes, keep her memory alive! It is great to talk about those we have loved and left us to be with our Father in heaven.

denise1006 said...

im sure she had a grand welcome up to the good life. and now she dont have to miss any of the boys she can be there for them all in their hearts.

McBorn said...

She was a sweet lady. And a funny lady - sometimes I was surprised at the things she would say. I know I won't forget her